Founding of DEM

Binghamton University

Delta Epsilon Mu (DEM) was founded by a group of bright students at Binghamton University interested in creating a space for fellow pre-health students. In Spring 1996, these students initiated a new student organization that would become the first professional, pre-health oriented, co-educational fraternity in order to allow students to learn more about other health fields than their own. Working with both the student body and community at large, the founders sought to inform students about current health issues and guide fellow students in their professional aspirations beyond graduation. A large part of the fraternity’s goals grew from an interest in serving the community by uniting people of different age groups, ethnicities, religions and ideologies under the common interest of health.

As the founders' vision sought to bring people together to do good work, the organization expanded rapidly across the nation. Beginning in Davis, California, new colonies of DEM emerged wherever determined, idealistic students felt that their contribution could make a difference--especially alongside a friend who shares the same career goals and personal ideals.